QUADRUPLEM is a project centred around the TU/e Innovation Space. At the start of this project, their approach was quite top-down, operating from a vision the TU/e shares. I was motivated to contribute to the process and explore my impact as a Social Designer. QUADRUPLEM forms a vision on the added value of Innovation Space for the individual student with a technological dream. In my project I translated my vision into a physical prototype. In this process I wanted to experiment with visual communication and on top of that to me it was a personal goal to make a physical prototype, containing electronics. In this way I brought together all the design competences I developed over the years within a design process I believe in.

B3.1 Internship CvdBremen

I participated in every single step of the process and therefore got an adequate view on the life of an entrepreneur in the field of Social Design. This was thanks to our open and honest collaboration, which made me grow both as a professional and as a person. I got to know a lot of new people at the many events, presentations, meetings and conferences we visited, which helped me to position my interests. Overall I think I can conclude I had a sneak preview of my possible future. My belief in the process of Social Design is strengthened and I can’t wait to gain more experience in this field.

Cindy van den Bremen
The Danielle that I met and knew before she did her Lucid board year was insecure, and a bit hesitant in showing herself. The Danielle that walked in the door at the studio on the first day of her intership was that of a very steady young woman, ready to start a.s.a.p. to show what she's worth. The reality check, that she refers to in her report is a nice way of putting her growth in a professional sense and as a person she is able to show more of herself: that of a very pleasant human being that is fun to be around with and contributes greatly to your team!

B2.2 ZOOvenir

ZOOvenir focuses on creating new technologies for capturing and reliving memories. Many adults struggle to recall events from their childhood, even though the amount of captured media of this period is very large. Therefore ZOOvenir focuses on capturing the child’s perspective during a day out and reliving this perspective many years later. This project helped me in developing my teamwork and communication skills. Next to that I focussed on integrating technology in our prototype and spent an increased amount of time on reflecting with my coach.

Fiona Jongejans
Danielle is a very personal involved designer, well aware of her personality, her strengths and weaknesses. Danielle has a lot of enthusiasm for her projects, for meeting other people and for design as a whole, but this enthusiasm makes her development and activities a bit chaotic. Try to balance your personal development and your design development more.

B2.1 Doornakkers 2020

Doornakkers is transforming from a “krachtwijk” (neighbourhood that needs attention) into a “prachtwijk” (prominent neighbourhood). Where many cities try to solve their problems with physical investments, Eindhoven decided to take another route: They took a shot on Social Design. I anticipated on this principle by integrating in and emphasizing with the initiators in Doornakkers and discovered some interesting design opportunities. The total picture of these opportunities forms my vision on how Doornakkers could be like in 2020.

Vera Winthagen
I am impressed by how good you are at writing about the problems of the neighborhood and how well you oversee a problem. You have a vision and a way of working that works. You have really nice ideas; but the proof of the pudding is in the making...You know how to make brilliant recipes, now go out and make those puddings as well. That said, you made a beautiful vision for the neighborhood, and you used almost all your designers' skills.

B1.2 Bollow

During this project we made use of many quick & dirty prototypes, which were useful for both user testing and mainly idea generation. We created Bollow, a Smart Teacher Assistant Program. By stimulating the reflective and social skills of the students we aimed to reduce the workload of the teacher and develop his overall understanding of the students. We had an overall efficient semester, explored a lot in shapes and interactions, materials and research, with the user as our central focus point.

Heleen van Heel
The group continuous worked hard on the project and the objective of this semester and thus many different competencies were addressed. The group is very pleasant to work with and they were all open to feedback and deepening their development. The project is very broad worked out, it is well developed, from concept to prototype to the tests with users.

B1.1 EL3V6T0R

My first project contained a cultural elevator. The goal of EL3V6T0R was to introduce users to other cultures by surrounding them with 360 landscapes. Being part of an intercultural team made me aware of possible consequences of having different perspectives. Next to that I gained experience in the design process in general, in which was highlighted that an appealing prototype increases the amount of attention and that visual material has great potential to clarify concepts.

Jan Rouvroye
You are able to find your way in our system, ask help when needed. You are self-directed. I did notice a lite tendency to finding activities less important if you don't like them. Be aware that in that way you might neglect to learn things of which you don't understand yet how they will be important (sometimes called unaware unknowns).