Design & Research Processes

Whereas many big organisations take on a top-down approach, I am interested to approach situations from a bottom-up perspective because I believe in the value of the combination of these perspectives.

I believe the value of a top-down approach lies in a vision that contains the bigger picture, which focuses on long-term goals for multiple stakeholders. However, to me the success of execution is determined by a bottom-up approach, which focuses on the perspectives of these multiple stakeholders and the relation and translation to the bigger picture. With bottom-up working it is key to address the intrinsic motivation of stakeholders and to create ownership, which is in my opinion crucial to the success rate of participation.

In this case the impact of the process on the context & the users is often the most valuable result of a bottom-up design process. Many designers use a process to create a product – I rather use tools and products to create a process.