I am often described as social, ambitious, responsible and flexible. But above all, I am an enthusiastic person who is always looking for a challenge. Backpacking, teaching teenagers, contacting clients: it excites me and therefore I do it.

As a designer I focus on translating. I like to translate complex situations into communicative visuals, mentioning that social or societal complexities have my main interest. This is because I am driven to create opportunities for people to connect. As soon as I find out that I have the ability to help someone else, my altruistic nurture (or nature?) arises and I start searching for constructive and sustainable solutions.

In this process I prefer to work in a network of multiple stakeholders, in collaboration with a team that shares the same ambitions; preferably founded by a good sense of humour. In this position I am able to do what I like most: searching for synergy; forming a strategy; creating value exchange and above all - enjoy what I’m doing.


If you would ask me to catch today’s society in one word, I would say: rush. Because we take no time to perceive, we tend to base our opinion on assumptions. I believe the value of design lies in emphasizing with the ones around us. In this way design can bridge the gap between prejudicing and perceiving. With my designs I want to help people explore their opinions and broaden their perspective, in order to give empathy the leading role in tomorrow’s society.


I am convinced the world would be a better place if everyone would live along the principles of Social Design: take time for each other, listen, be sincerely interested, find opportunities, be creative and work together towards a higher goal.

I believe that every Social Design project demands its own approach. This is because context is so relevant here. Another context may differ in interests, norms, values, relations, etc. Furthermore result in the social domain demands a process in advance, in which ownership needs to be created amongst stakeholders. Despite every process varies, I believe I can abstract the process in the following stages: